Midwifery Services



We come to you. Your labor begins and when you need us, our team arrives to set everything up. We stay until 3-4 hours after your baby is born. 


Prenatal Care

After your initial consultation, you will visit Hatched offices for your monthly prenatal care, until 30 weeks when you come very two weeks, until 37 weeks when you see us weekly. We will schedule an in-home visit for your 37 week visit to get ready for your home birth.


Postpartum Care

After your baby is born you will receive a 24-36 hour visit, a 3-5 day visit and a 2 week follow-up all in the comfort of your home. You will schedule a 4 week and a 6 week visit in the Hatched office. Our team is also available via text or email throughout your postpartum.


Breastfeeding support 

Besides local classes available, the Hatched team will indentify any breastfeeding issues and assist with latch support during your postpartum. Our office mate is Meredith Wentzel, IBCLC, a specialist in breastfeeding.



Childbirth Resources

They Hatched team cultivates relationships throughout the Upstate with doulas, lactation consultants, chiropractors, acupuncturists, maternity yoga instructors, and nutritional specialists. The Upstate BirthNetwork library is housed at Hatched and provides a vast selection of materials to check out as well.



Bengkung Belly binding aids in the closing of the muscles of the abdomen along with supporting them during the healing process. This aids in the healing of Diastases Recti.  It also supports the hips and pelvis while they recover from birth and the effects of relaxin.  Relaxin is a wonderful hormone that loosens everything in preparation for birth but, in postpartum, it can leave our pelvis feeling unsupported.  Belly Binding offers our pelvis that extra support making it feel more comfortable while our body works out the relaxin and returns to its pre-pregnancy state.

Binding offers a gentle, firm, hug-type support during the postpartum healing period. Generally the binding is worn daily for at least 4 hours for 40 days.  Belly binding offers customizable support, bringing everything in and offering great back support during those long nursing sessions. No more nursing mom slouch or shoulder pain. 

Watch our binding video for wrapping instructions.



Whether you choose to deliver your baby in the water or just enjoy the comfort of water throughout your labor, Hatched provides a La Bassine inflatable tub for your birth.



Newborn Care

After your baby is born we will perform an initial newborn exam, CCHD screening, and a PKU screening. If it is needed, an in-home bilirubin test can be performed.


Electronic Records System and Insurance Reimbursement 

You will be given access to all your visits through our Maternity Neighborhood system. A customized payment plan will be established at your first visit. We also provide an easy way to access insurance reimbursements for your home birth. You can contact Vicki here.


Stillbirth doula care

If you know someone who can benefit from this service please call me anytime 24/7.

If you would like more information on Still Birthdays please visit www.stillbirthdays.com

Now I lay me down to sleep provides free photography to families experincing a pregnancy loss they can be found at  www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org